WVFEDUP Leadership Planning Meeting

Last fall a group of teens dedicated to making WV healthier met for a day of strategic planning and fun.  Teens from Barboursville Middle, GW High, Doddridge County Middle, and Western Greenbrier Middle Schools make up the statewide leadership team that now set the direction and activities for the WVFEDUP initiative in WV.

Their tagline sums it all up:  Change Starts With You(th).  Eat Real Food.

In 2018, these teens are not only doing amazing things in their own school (like growing food for their salad bar and transforming concession stand food), they’re also recruiting and leading others teens in schools throughout WV to start their own initiatives.

They are passionate about being the generation that closes the gap.  About being the force that moves our state off of the unhealthiest, most obese list, and onto a list that showcases our health and beauty.

They’re here to spread their knowledge.  Build their tribe.  And to inspire all teens in WV to be the change and eat real food.

If you’re a teen and want to learn more, connect with us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and stay tuned for our upcoming webinars about how you can get involved and leave a healthy legacy at your school.


WVFEDUP Leadership Team
Our entire group preparing to do the ropes course


Mandy Curry


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