Volleyball Excitement!

Volleyball staff pic.JPG

Huntington Middle School staff challenged students in intramural volleyball games on November 18, 2016.  The activity was implemented as a reward for students with good behavior as part of the school’s Respect, Protect, and Connect (RPC) program.

Students who qualified (receiving no more than two behavioral referrals in a 9-week period) that wanted to participate put their names in a hat to be drawn out for each game.  Each grade level of students played against teachers from their same grade at the beginning of the intramurals, then grades were mixed toward the end.  The culminating games consisted of the school’s girls’ volleyball team pitted against staff.

Once a student took his or her turn serving the volleyball, that student went back to the bleachers and another student’s name was drawn from the hat.  This allowed many students to participate in each game.

Lots of games were played as both students and staff cheered while encouraging each other. Although 6 staff members competed in each game against 9 students, HMS staff were the winners in all the games.  However, staff seemed much more out of breath than did the students!

This free activity provided a fun means of physical activity and will likely be repeated by the RPC committee in the future.  An added bonus was that students got to see their teachers and administrators in a more care-free, personal light.

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