(Podcast) Teens Talk WVFEDUP In West Virginia

WV is the 2nd unhealthiest state in the nation.  Inspired by the documentary FED UP,  WVFEDUP is a grassroots, teen-led movement, to turn the tide on the health of WV students.

In this podcast, two middle school students from the Inaugural WVFEDUP Teen Conference sit down with Mandy Curry to discuss how they are working to change the health of their schools and communities.  In this podcast, the students talk about:

  • How the FED UP movie impacted them and their big a-ha moments.
  • What they’re doing to create a healthier environment in their school.
  • They share their ideal healthy school environment (hint…it doesn’t include Doritos).
  • How they plan to make healthy eating cool and get their friends on board.
  • They’ll share their candid thoughts on whether they think they can change their school and state.
  • The YouTube celebrity they want to get behind healthy eating and WVFEDUP  (Roman Atwood get ready).


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