HMS Staff get fit


Staff members at Huntington Middle School participated in a wellness program to increase flexibility and strength called “Dynabands”.

Each participant was required to use the stretchy resistance band to complete a variety of recommended exercises and then keep track of their activity on a daily log sheet.  It was easy to complete 10-minute intervals while watching their favorite T.V. shows or movies!

This was a PEIA Pathways to Wellness activity that spanned a 6-week period.  Post-surveys indicated that 100% of participants were satisfied with the program and would participate in another wellness program in the future.  Each one reported that it helped them to increase their activity level.  All but one participant plan to continue with this program even though the documentation of daily activity has ended.

It was a really easy way to tone muscles and gain strength, and the lightweight bands could be tucked in a pocket or purse and be transported anywhere for a quick workout.

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