Greek Olympics

Mr. Redman, the Cabell County Alternative Learning Center History teacher, became a master of the Greek Olympics the first full week of school.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the students delved deep into the history of the Greek Olympics.  Students learned many interesting facts about how the Olympics began and how they have expanded and changed throughout the years.  In the beginning, the Olympics were done to honor the Greek gods.  Now Olympics are done to admire the great athletic abilities within each country.  Throughout history, though, the Olympics have been a time to set aside differences around the world and celebrate athletics.

On Thursday, August 18th, Mr. Redman and Mrs. Baker brought the historical and physical aspects of the Olympics together for a day of reenacting some of the original Greek Olympic events.  Students participated in a short sprint, a long jump, a throwing competition and tug of war.  There was some fun competition among students.

Long Jump Standing                        Long Jump Running

1st place:              TB 7’3’’                 1st place:              TB 11’5’’

2nd place:             TS 7’1’’                  2nd place:             TS 10’2’’

3rd place:              JO 7’                      3rd place:              DJ 10’1’’

On Friday, August 19th, Mr. Redman and Mrs. Baker introduced the students to a modern Olympic activity.  The students enjoyed some time participating in tennis activities which fostered enthusiasm for sports and team growth.

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