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West Virginia children live in a culture – created by adults -- that promotes obesity and poor health, which has made the state the sickest in the nation.

In less than 15 years (when we teens will have grown-up), 6-in-10 West Virginians will be obese (not including those who are overweight), which will have brought to the state 1.5 million new obesity-related diseases like heart disease, stroke and cancer. These are serious, life-shortening diseases your mothers and fathers, your sisters and brothers, your friends and neighbors, and eventually your own children may be forced deal with.

While there are lots of reasons for the state’s poor health, none is bigger than Big Fat Industries – the fast food, soft drink, junk food companies who are targeting children with billions of dollars in marketing, advertising and celebrity endorsements to get them to eat and drink their unhealthy stuff all day, every day.

Big Fat Industries is using the Big Tobacco Playbook in their daily work that places their profits over the health of children. No one has ever been as effective at harming children’s health as Big Tobacco.

As one teen said: “Big Fat Industries is trying to repeat the history of Big Tobacco making massive amounts of money from killing people.”

WVFEDUP is enlisting teens who care enough about our schools, communities and families to take a stand.

Signing-up will give you the opportunity to educate adults on Big Fat Industries, while making the case to your schools for more nutritious lunches, healthier foods at vending machines, healthier options at concession stands, and other things YOU think need to change.

Adults created the mess. But we can fix it.

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