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For Students

The WVFEDUP movement (we actually call it as "resistance") gives students an opportunity to change their fate and and embark on a healthier future. If you've watched FED UP and feel mad, angry, and want to do something about it, then join our "resistance" and together we will all work to create healthier schools, homes, and communities. Go to the "FED UP for Students" page for more information.
You can be as involved as you want in this group. Some students may simply be looking for healthier food options. Some may want to lead and inspire healthier options in your school (better school lunch entrees, healthier vending machines). And some may want to lead students in creating a healthier state of WV for future generations. Whatever your role is, we have a place for you.
We'll be using email and the REMIND app to stay in touch but you can also find us on Instagram and Twitter.

For Teachers

Our team has purchased a movie & curriculum for each school in the state. In nearly all cases, the Health and/or PE Teacher has been the leader in showing FED UP in the classrooms. Please contact us at : to see if your school has received a copy and to request a copy.
After watching the movie, most classrooms engage the students in discussion about ways they can create a healthier environment (whether it be in their school, home, or community). A host of ideas have been created throughout the state including, starting a school garden, working with cooks on menu planning, exploring healthier vending machine options, installing water stations, organizing 5K's during school, opening up the school facilities after hours for families, etc. Our WVFEDUP Team will help your students connect the dots on the ideas they would like to create in their school. For more info please watch the webinar for Teachers.
Your movie entitles you to unlimited use of the movie within the school. Many teachers plan on featuring the FED UP movie with each block of students, year after year. And it's no problem if they've seen it multiple times. The information is valuable and helps to be heard on a number of occasions.
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For Parents

Each school has a copy of the FED UP movie for classroom use. Some schools are hosting events where they feature the film for the entire family to watch together. If however, that is not an option, the full length movie is available for viewing on Netflix.
WV continues to be one of the unhealthiest states in the nation. It is said that our children are predicted to live shorter lives than their parents. The movie and subsequent WV movement gives our children an opportunity to turn the tide on their health for generations to come.

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