Nutrition & Health For Middle & High School

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Nutrition & Health For Middle & High School

In this lesson plan bundle, students will gain hands-on skills to help them lead a healthy eating lifestyle.   Using the Healthy Kids Inc. online meal planning technology, students will learn how to incorporate 5 servings of fruits and vegetables into their day, the importance of meal planning and budgeting in healthy eating, how to grow the foods featured in their chosen weekly meal plan, and the value of buying local by determining how far their weekly produce travels to get to their plate.  This lesson plan bundle comes with a 12-month subscription to the HKI Meal Planner (valued at $67) for classroom use during the exercise and for future use throughout the year.

Unit Breakdown:

  • Four total lessons at 45 minutes each
  • Two pre-assessments
  • Two post-assessments
  • Two answer keys
  • Two individual-based activities
  • Two collaborative group activities


National Health Education Standards:National Health Standards Photo

1.12.1 Predict how healthy behaviors can affect health status.
1.12.7 Compare and contrast the benefits of and barriers to practicing
a variety of healthy behaviors.
2.12.3 Analyze how peers influence healthy and unhealthy behaviors.
2.12.4 Evaluate how the school and community can affect personal
health practices and behaviors.
2.12.6 Evaluate the impact of technology on personal, family, and community
3.12.2 Use resources from home, school, and community that provide valid health information.
5.12.1 Examine barriers that can hinder healthy decision-making.
5.12.2 Determine the value of applying a thoughtful decision-making process in health-related
5.12.4 Generate alternatives to health-related issues or problems.
6.12.1 Assess personal health practices and overall health status.
6.12.2 Develop a plan to attain a personal health goal.
7.12.2 Demonstrate a variety of healthy practices and behaviors that will maintain or improve the
health of self and others.
21st Century Skills Student Outcomes Partnership for 21st Century Learning

  1. Content knowledge and 21st Century Themes
    1. Health literacy
  2. Learning and Innovation Skills
    1. Creativity
    2. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
    3. Communication and Collaboration
  3. Media, Information, and Technology Skills
    1. Information Literacy
  4. Life and Career Skills
    1. Initiative and Self Direction
    2. Accountability


This course bundle includes the following lesson plans:

Lesson Plan 1:  Eating 5 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables each day.

Students are encouraged to eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day.  In this hands-on lesson, students will use Healthy Kids Inc.’s online meal planning technology to create a week of meals that includes 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Students will also have supplemental video tutorials that show them how to use the meal planner, and how to space out fruit and vegetable consumption to have the most impact on their health and wellness.

Lesson Plan 2:  Buying Healthy Foods on a Budget

Students will learn practical ways to consume 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day while keeping their grocery costs within a $75 budget.  Students will use a video tutorial to guide them through meal planning on a budget, then use additional handouts with seasonal produce costs to build their meal plan around produce in season.

Lesson Plan 3:  GROW your Foods

Students will use their weekly meal plan and select 5 vegetables to grow using the Healthy Kids Inc. garden technology in the meal planner.  In the growing strategy, students will be taking into account what container they are growing in, their growing zone, and when they will start planting.

Lesson Plan 4:  Where is it from?

Students will learn the value of growing food or buying local by participating in this grocery store exercise to calculate where their meal plan produce is coming from.

Who is it for?

Recommended for ages 12 +

Benefits in the Classroom?

Healthy Kids Inc. is a unique meal planning platform that helps families and students meal plan, cook, and grow real food.  This platform will give students the hands-on, real-life, opportunity to experience the value of eating local, meal planning, and consuming 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day.   The meal planning tool within the platform contains more than 300 recipes, each analyzed by a Registered Dietitian and containing the nutritional analysis.

What is included?

This includes 4 Lesson Plans with access to all supplemental videos, handouts, and a 12-month subscription to the HKI meal planning platform for classroom use.  BONUS:  Each dinner recipe featured in the meal planner also includes a Professional Chef’s “How To” Cooking Video for classroom viewing.

About Healthy Kids Inc.  

Healthy Kids Inc. is a meal planning platform that makes Real Food, Real Easy.  The meal planning technology has helped thousands across the country adopt a healthy eating lifestyle, in an easy way. Through their journey in also working with schools, HKI has discovered that teens have a real desire in healthy eating and even growing their own food.  The tools they will learn from these lesson plans are skills that they can take home to their family and that will help them for a lifetime as they continue their journey to eat healthy food.

Course Features

  • Lectures 4
  • Quizzes 6
  • Duration 4 hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
  • Students 2
  • Assessments Self
  • Lesson Plan 1: Eating 5 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables each day. 0/2

    • Quiz1.1
      Lessons 1 & 2 (Pre Test)
      5 questions
    • Lecture1.1
      Lesson 1: Eating 5 Servings of Fruits & Vegetables Each Day
  • Lesson Plan 2: Buying Healthy Foods on a Budget 0/3

    • Lecture2.1
      Lesson 2: Budgeting
    • Quiz2.1
      Lessons 1 & 2 (Post Test)
      5 questions
    • Quiz2.2
      Lessons 1 & 2 (Test)
      5 questions
  • Lesson Plan 3: GROW your Foods 0/2

    • Quiz3.1
      Lesson 3 & 4 (Pre Test)
      5 questions
    • Lecture3.1
      Lesson 3: Gardening
  • Lesson Plan 4: Where is it from? 0/3

    • Lecture4.1
      Lesson 4: Where’s It From?
    • Quiz4.1
      Lessons 3 & 4 (Post Test)
      5 questions
    • Quiz4.2
      Lessons 3 & 4 (Test)
      5 questions
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