Who We Are?

"We're not mad, we're just ready for change."

West Virginia Fed Up (WVFEDUP) is a teen grassroots movement led by passionate teens that want a healthier WV.  We don't want our friends to continue to suffer with low self esteem and fatigue - because of the foods we eat and sugary drinks we've grown accustomed to consuming.  It's not ok anymore and it stops with US!

Healthy Voices Teach Healthy Choices

Our generation is projected to live shorter lives than our parents - the first time in the nation's history.  Our state is the unhealthiest in the  nation and we're setting out to change that.  Change starts with YOU(th) and we're leading our schools to a new way of living.  We're leaving a legacy in our schools where healthy activities, like growing our own food for the salad bar and working with faculty to add healthier options to concession stands, are mainstream and embraced.

Real Food, Real Change

We believe in real change and real food, and we want to tell you how and why. We are educating those who make important decisions regarding children’s health: Parents, health care professionals, educators, and elected officials. And we want every teen we can find to join us.

Where We are Going

This is our beginning, which is inspired by the documentary “FED UP”. We will grow in numbers and strength until every student in WV begins to eat real food so that we can thrive and turn the tide on the health of our state.